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Alex and Jaedon’s National Cathedral Engagement Session

Feb 23, 2024

Alex and Jaedon’s engagement session at The National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., was
nothing short of magical. Set against the backdrop of this iconic landmark, their love story
unfolded amidst the soaring spires and tranquil gardens, creating memories that will last a

The National Cathedral stands as a testament to architectural magnificence and spiritual
significance. Its Gothic architecture, intricate stonework, and breathtaking stained glass windows
provide a stunning backdrop for any occasion. For Alex and Jaedon, it was the perfect setting to
celebrate their love and embark on this new chapter of their lives together.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for their session, with the golden rays of the setting
sun casting a warm glow over the cathedral grounds. Exploring the grounds of the National
Cathedral, we found countless picturesque locations to shoot, from the manicured gardens to the
grand stone archways. Each corner revealed a new backdrop, adding depth and variety to their
engagement photos.

One of the session’s highlights was when we decided to have a small picnic. As Alex and Jaedon
enjoyed intimate moments, we popped champagne and toasted to their love and happiness. It was
a joyful and memorable experience filled with laughter and love.

As their photographer, I couldn’t help but feel honored to capture the genuine connection and
affection between Alex and Jaedon. Their love radiated through every frame, and I know their
wedding day will be just as magical! I can’t wait to continue capturing their journey together and
to witness the beauty of their love on their wedding day.


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