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Claire and Jake’s Engagement Session

Jan 29, 2022

I still can’t believe it is 2022 already, and I am shooting my couples engagement sessions for the year! Where did 2021 go?

Claire and Jake are of my 2022 couples, and they were so much fun to spend my (very!) early morning. We started the morning at The Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool, where we explored the monument and found a few hidden gems. 

I always suggest that if we shoot your engagement session at any of the monuments in Washington D.C., we always go at sunrise; that way, it isn’t crowded, and we have free range to roam without people walking in front of us! 

Clair wore a fabulous red patterned dress with black heels, and Jake wore a grey suit, their outfits radiated as the sun came up.

Clair and Jake brought their pup to their session, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way! Can everyone bring their pup to their sessions from now on, please? 

After the monument, we headed to the park and walked through the tree line. Clair and Jake’s love for each other is so strong I can’t wait for their wedding day. Stay tuned to see if their pup comes to the ceremony! 

I love capturing engagement sessions because I learn more about my couples. How they met, their love story, and I see how the wedding planning process is going. This is also an excellent chance for them to learn more about me during an engagement session!

Are you getting married in 2022? I still have a few dates available; let’s chat


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