Couple in embrace in courtyard at their Meridian House Wedding

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A Romantic & Elegant Meridian House Wedding in Washington DC

Dec 8, 2023

As a Washington DC wedding photographer, there are moments that etch themselves into memory, woven with emotions and breathtaking beauty. Sabaa and Tarek’s wedding day was nothing short of that. Their romantic and enchanting Meridian House wedding in Washington DC was a canvas painted with love, elegance, and vibrant colors—a tapestry I had the honor of capturing through my lens.

The Venue: Meridian House – Washington DC

The Meridian House stood as a testament to timeless charm, offering a myriad of picturesque locations for moments frozen in time. The regal architecture of Meridian House, adorned with verdant gardens and magnificent bookshelves, set the stage for a celebration brimming with romance.

Meridian House is a historical home situated on three acres of beautifully manicured gardens. It is located just one mile north of the heart of DC at 1630 Crescent Pl NW, Washington DC 20009. This residential jewel was expertly built in 1921 and designed by John Russell Pope, who also designed the Jefferson Memorial, the National Gallery of Art, and the National Archives.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Meridian House has effortlessly stood the test of time. It is considered to be the finest example of French urban architecture in the United States. Surrounded by walls that shelter the formal garden, best known for the grove over more than 40 European linden trees that cascade the large pebbled courtyard.

Boasting a two-story foyer, the grand entrance into your Meridian House wedding will leave your guests speechless and eager for more. The home is adorned with some of the finest artwork in the nation, French brass hardware, and ornate Waterford crystal torches. The seemingly never-ending French doors along the entire south side of the home open out to the Linden Grove and pebbled courtyard that will take your breath away.

Sabaa’s Wedding Gowns

Sabaa was radiant in her two stunning gowns which epitomized grace and cultural richness. Her traditional Indian wedding gown exuded elegance, a tapestry of intricate patterns and hues that mirrored her vibrant spirit. The transition to her all-lace white wedding gown was a seamless metamorphosis into her beauty.

Their Wedding Colors

The wedding palette of ivory and blush was brought to life through the resplendent blooms adorning every corner—a testament to the meticulous planning and eye for detail. The air was filled with the sweet fragrance of pink flowers, painting a backdrop for the celebration of love.

Meridian House Wedding Ceremony

Beyond the aesthetics, it was the love shared between Sabaa and Tarek that stole the spotlight of their ceremony. Their affection transcended words of unexplainable, profound connection. And it wasn’t just their love that radiated; it was the collective warmth and adoration from their families, making it a symphony of affection and joy.

Woven with handwritten vows, the ceremony was filled with emotion that echoed the depth of their commitment. As Sabaa walked down the aisle, her presence left not a single dry eye among the attendees.

Meridian House Wedding Reception

The reception was a vibrant celebration, a fusion of laughter, exquisite floral arrangements, and impeccable catering. The reception tables were adorned with elegance, while the dance floor remained alive with laughter and never-ending dancing.

My Favorite Moments of this Meridian House Wedding

Meridian House is truly one of my favorite wedding venues in Washington DC. For me, capturing Sabaa’s gowns was a delight, each representing a different facet of her personality and heritage. The flowers, were beautiful shades of pink which added a timeless allure to every frame.

Above all, my favorite moment of this Meridina House wedding was witnessing the sheer abundance of love that encapsulated the essence of Sabaa and Tarek’s union. In the end, as the day drew to a close, I left with a heart brimming with gratitude—for being a witness to a love so pure.

Thank you so much Sabaa and Tarek for allowing me to capture your wedding day!

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