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Ashley and Tyler’s Country Club Wedding

Jan 18, 2022

Did you know that being cold on your wedding day is a sign of warmth, peace, and prosperity? Ashley and Tyler were married at St. Peter’s Catholic Church on a chilly day last year. Even though it was a cold day, watching Ashley and Tyle start their lives together was the perfect day. 

We started the day at The Capitol Hill Hotel. Ashley and her best friends drank mimosas and got their hair and makeup done. While Tyler and her buddies got ready, got ready for the day, and took a celebratory shot of whiskey. 

Ashley and her dad had an emotional first look. We then we headed to the church to get Ashely and Tyler married! The ceremony was beautiful. The moment Tyler laid his eyes on Ashley, he shed tears, and they didn’t take their eyes off each other the whole time Ashley walked down the aisle.

Once this beautiful couple was married, we took pictures with close family and the bridal party! We headed to the reception soon after so everyone could catch the end of cocktail hour, and then the party started. Ashley and Tyler’s reception took place at Westfields Golf Club

The reception tables had ivory tablecloths, red and white floral centerpieces, and navy blue napkins. Tyler and Ashley had a sweetheart table, and they could spend some much-needed alone time together. Each table was a historic figures photo as the table “number.” Their wedding cake topper had the capital building, and Tyler’s groom’s cake decked out in Notre Damn football swag.

After dinner, beautiful speeches were said, the cakes were cut, and Ashley, Tyler, their family, and friends danced the night away! Thank you, Ashley and Tyle, for entrusting me on your wedding day; it was such a pleasure!


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